the artist

Carole Becam is an artist and a painter who has been living and working in La Baule (France) since 2011. Prompted from her very first pictorial experiments by the desire to transcend matter by mixing colours and light, she has been exploring new paths on her canvasses ever since. With every gesture, within the confines of the canvas, space is made purer and acquires the quality of a universal vision.

Carole Bécam - Artiste peintre - english version
Photo Tous Droits Réservés Léa Lévy

A taste of movement…

She was born in February 1968 in Saint-Malo (Brittany), famous for its Etonnants Voyageurs festivalBut the journey Carole Becam favours is that of interiority, which feeds her creativity towards abstraction. That is where she finds the biggest freedom and energy.


 … and an innate sense of light 

Trained in the Art School in Rennes, she completed her training in a school of design in Paris. She took part in the workshops of Jean-Pierre Campredon, an architect who is a great admirer of Franck Loyyd WrightThere she found a new way of looking at things, a connection between architecture and humanism. A strong experience that is reflected in her painting process.


Carole Bécam - Artiste peintre -La Baule
Photo Tous Droits Réservés Léa Lévy

In 1992, she started to show her work in several shows and collective exhibitions in France as well as abroad.


It was in the Dominican Republic where she lived between 1999 and 2006 that she picked up the particular light of RED and sublimated it in a series of canvasses.


Between 2006 and 2013, back to her studio in Saint Malo, she created three series of paintings : Volcanic, Black, Traces and Prints.


In each of them, she aimed at exploring the effects of light, mixed colours and layers of matter. She is now continuing her artistic work and study, through different series of paintings :

  • Space for a Dream
  • Coloured Stripes
  • Random Subtlety
  • Letters

Carole Bécam - Artiste peintre - interview

 Extracts of interview


 «... Colour is really essential to me, it's something I believe has always been involved in my work. Innovation and new ideas are constantly present in art. Since I've abandoned substances and concentrate  more on art in its natural state, I'm no longer looking to create different effects. This seems more justificable. There is a feeling of emptiness which takes over, and the canevas seems clear and acute. I've less protection and no safety strings ! Personally, art is pure. The impression of innocence is essential to me. An act of invention and a re-birth with the living in each of us. A sentimental state which we are unable  to control ».