In COLOURED STRIPES, colours are everywhere. The artist Carole Bécam explores the possibilities they offer. Including black and white. Whether saturated or diluted, the become vibration. The artist, playing cleverly with matter and light, makes colours meet in new spaces.

Coloured Stripes n°7 | 2014

50 x 100 - Huile

« You don't discover these coloured stripes by chance. They flutter around you and you don't see them. And then one day, you catch them in flight »

Coloured Stripes n°3 | 2014

100 x 100 - Huile

 « Colours and light. The sonata of a day without a storm where everything thrills the soul »  

Coloured Stripes n°1 |2014

100 x 100 – Huile

 « At the bend of the alley, everything became so clear and obvious. Colours were playing with us. The light that set them ablaze suddenly lifted a corner of the veil »

Coloured Stripes n°4 | 2014

100 x 100 - Huile

 « Green, red and blue : an explosion of colours for living spaces. That's where we venture »

Coloured Stripes n°2 | 2014

100 x 100 – Huile

« Coloured stripes over there. Looking more closely, they started vibrating and we could feel their pulse » 

Coloured Stripes n°6 |2014

100 x 100 - Huile

« These coloured stripes do express something inexpressible »

Coloured Stripes n°5 | 2014

100 x 100 – Huile

 « Is what you imagine and perceive only a part of the prism hiding other coloured stripes ? »