« For me a painting doesn't have to be explained, it must affect the public directly. There must be an emotion » said ZAO WO-KI, a contemporary Chinese painter who inspired Carole Bécam for a long time. In this series of BLACK paintings, movement guides her and her inspiration. She adds marble powder to enhance the beauty in the painting. She mixes and opposes matter to light. If she had to invent a mantra, it would certainly be that of renewal, revival.

Endlessly, she explores new pictorial paths. Like a chemist measuring out ingredients, she carefully mixes the precious colours and matter.


With the series called TRACES & PRINTS, inspiration came naturally while she was wandering the sunny streets or countryside. The past has left traces on the walls she photographs in the alleys of Spain, Morocco or Panama or in the picturesque villages in Languedoc. Walls talk, they have a soul and a history. That's what we find in her paintings.


EL PASO | 2010

 116 x 89 - Acrylique 

 « Step by step towards a place where time and space merge. Traces of ancient lives remaining here and there »


100 x 80 - Acrylique

« From above, it guides your every move, slowly and sensually »


100 x 81- Acrylique

« One and two are not always three. And how do you know ? »


116 x 80 - Acrylique

« Is there a place more uncertain than the world ? »

HUMANO | Dyptique | 2010

180 x 100 – Acrylique

« Layers of matter, like the volcanic material of these ancient lands »

SANS TITRE n°2 | 2009

100 x 81 - Acrylique

« Stop for a minute and see that around you, the world is full of living particles »


116 x 89 - Acrylique

« It is not only hope that helps us to live. There is also a Light we all keep inside »

SANS TITRE | Diptyque | 2010

« Open to possibilities, without ordering, without classifying »

NOMADA | Diptyque | 2010

180 x 100 – Acrylique   

 « Where can you go when you were born without a land ? Walking for ever, always on the move, just stopping for a short time »

TRACE | Diptyque | 2010

100 x 150 - Acrylique

« There were traces on the red ground, debris of what used to be. Without the light, we would have forgotten or never have known »

L'ORDRE DU MONDE | Diptyque | 2010

100 x 150 - Acrylique

« That's the way of the world it is »

SANS TITRE n°1 | 2009

100 x  81 - Acrylique

« Don't rush to go far, you still need time »